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imageThe latest hint that audibles may be near came from Libra project lead David Marcus, who noted at a banking seminar on October 21st that the Libra’s initially proposed "basketcoin" dynamic — in which its reserves would be underpinned by multiple fiat currencies rather than by one — might give way to multiple, single-currency stablecoins.

As such, in the event of losses, a portfolio needs a return greater than its loss to break even. The graph below shows the subsequent rate of return needed to break even at varying levels of portfolio losses.

BFGMiner is an open-source modular crypto miner software, written in C, for mining multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Using an existing CPU , GPU, FGPA, and ASIC processor, administrators can download and configure their mining rig for Binance single pools, multiple pools, multiple blockchains, and single pools for a specific proxy.

And we will set up an interval (argument 3) of 5 minutes. For our case, the ticker (argument 1) will be UBER . As a quick reminder, UBER’s ticker is UBER . Furthermore, we are going to choose for this example the 5 last days period (argument 2) instead of defining a Start and End date.

See our Reader Terms for details. Note from Towards Data Science’s editors: While we allow independent authors to publish articles in accordance with our rules and BNB guidelines , we do not endorse each author’s contribution. You should not rely on an author’s works without seeking professional advice.

Sam Ingalls is an award-winning writer and researcher covering enterprise technology, cybersecurity, data centers, and IT trends, for eSecurity Planet, TechRepublic, ServerWatch, Webopedia, and Channel Insider.

With cloud Bitcoin mining, you as a customer do not buy your own hardware, you buy the right for the computing power of it. You also have the option of having your hardware sent to you. If mining with the booked computing power is no longer profitable for a fixed period of time, you lose the right to it. However, the problem with almost all cloud mining contracts is in the details. Having your own hardware with a colocation or managed colocation, crypto the provider will deactivate the hardware, but it can also be reactivated once profitable again. At first glance, this concept sounds convenient and uncomplicated.

The cost of creating a bitcoin is part of what makes Bitcoin hard money. And it’s part of the cost creation that helps make it the most secure network ever. If you could just do it with little to no cost, it wouldn’t give much value to Bitcoin.

As you can see, you have an update released each second. For instance, if you look at the output below, the latest data provided are given for 1:13 PM and 50 seconds. If you re-run your kernel, the data will be updated again.

Many traders get confused when a token's performance does not add up with its respective index. This article shall dive into why leveraged tokens' performance may differ over time and why they are not a long-term bet.

Peaster is a professional writer and editor who specializes in the Ethereum, Dai, and Bitcoin beats in the cryptoeconomy. He's appeared in Blockonomi, Binance Academy, Bitsonline, and more. He's learning Solidity, too! He enjoys tracking smart contracts, DAOs, dApps, bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Contact him on Telegram at @wmpeaster.

Regular rebalancing raises or reduces exposure and retains the purpose of the fund. As the fund decreases its index exposure, it sells positions on the derivatives market by locking in losses, leading to a lower asset base. Many investors ignore the fact that leveraged tokens are rebalanced daily. Over time, this erosion will influence the original investment of investors in the token.

At the time, Binance co-founder and chief marketing officer He Yi said the exchange was looking to open a Chinese yuan on-ramp as the company wanted to further service the Chinese market. Last month, Binance revealed it was rolling out an over the counter (OTC) trading venue on its main platform and that this new OTC arm would enable and rely on fiat gateways.

One of the earliest mining organizations, Slush Pool, has been a dominant BTC mining pool with over 1.25 million BTC mined since 2010. As a Slush Pool participant, users access advanced features like node monitoring, API integration, bitcoin and customizable payouts. While no stranger to BTC mining with more than 180,000 active workers in 2021, Slush Pool more recently enabled mining for Zcash (ZEC). Led by BTC mining company Braiins, Slush Pool continues to develop the latest features for improving security and efficiency .

It will only get smarter, whereas gold will always just be gold. Gold isn’t going to get anymore intelligent either. Bitcoin is a computer program with some of the smartest programmers in the world building on it.

But what is it that gives this magic Internet, drug dealing, [email protected] you money value? I like the last one, and I agree with it, too. I’ve heard Bitcoin called many things in my few years in the space: ‘Magic Internet Money’, ‘Drug Dealers Money’ and even ‘[email protected] You Money’. And does Bitcoin have any intrinsic value?

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